New mum? New to family life? Successful career?

Would you like some support and someone to talk to? Need some help with managing life after a baby?
You’re in the right place! I know how hard
it is to balance work and being a mum. I am a
counsellor, trained social work and accredited coach – now I’m a mum I am even more passionate about positive outcomes for children and families. I am bringing all my experience together to help you and your family because I know we all need a supporting hand once in a while.

Welcome to Coaching Stars and our family!

I’m Cornelia and I work with new mums to help them make their family life work alongside their professional success.
I’m also trained in Coaching which showed me the importance of motivating people to plan for a positive future with specific outcomes.
I became a new mum at 39 to my son, Ray, and saw for myself the challenges of adapting to a new family life while keeping a professional life. 
I’m passionate about helping parents to create a happy family life where children can thrive and I know that having a clear structure is the key to making it work.

Make family life work and create a structure for your personal and professional success.



 I’ve worked with families and children for over 15 years in my social work career and specialised in supporting foster parents to adapt to their new family life.


A friendly chat or a simple ‘Keep in Touch’ Call for advice, a listening ear and immediate, emotional support.


Time for you to explore and talk out some of the deeper issues around your worries and anxieties. Will be carried out with the necessary safety and social distancing.


Tailored subject packages to suit you and your family’s needs.


M.D. (34 years old)
“I went from feeling trapped to feeling empowered.”

A.L. (14 years old)
 “I have my calm box, positive statements and visualization tools that help me keep things together when I am starting to feel overwhelmed.”

 J.T. (28 years old)
“I’ve stopped letting my childhood trauma define how I feel and think about myself.”

R.M. (12 years old)
“I am no longer afraid of how others see me, and my OCD is under control.”

A.B. (43 years old)
“From feeling empty and lost to trusting my instincts, embracing life and making brave choices.”

 S.W. (25 years old)
“I learned to take control of my circumstances. Growing in care is not going to hold me back as I believe in myself and have the tools that help me to focus.”

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