Cornelia Daniela Tiganov

Hello, my name is Cornelia

I am experienced and qualified in:
-Life coaching children, adults and families
-Group facilitator for: self esteem boost, domestic violence recovery, parenting support group
-Practice educator and supervision

You may realise that you need to improve your confidence to build rewarding friendships and a satisfying career. You may have been affected by not having had enough positive role models, a secure early attachment or maybe a negative event along the way has knocked down your self esteem. If you are in search of:

*An answer on how to improve your self esteem
*How to become more assertive
*What your true values are
*How to find life purpose
*How to deal with procrastination
*How to be at peace with your past
*How to make a developmental plan that would bring you in a place of fulfillment

then I would be delighted to support you to discover your true potential.

As your professional life coach, I will support you clarify your values, find your life purpose, boost your self esteem, get a strong sense of worth and connection with yourself and others whilst following a personal developmental plan that will help you to challenge your limitations and lead you towards positive results in many areas of your life.

I am passionate about transition coaching and working with children and families who are going through major life changes, such as moving home or changing jobs.

I offer coaching to children, young people and adults in a safe and positive environment. I work from my home in Camberley, Surrey and I am also willing to travel to a client's home, office or school.

Please contact me to find out more information about my services.